Naasville Thaiger Restaurant

Naasville Thaiger Restaurant at the Naas Town Centre

Authentic Thai food at Naas town with more than 100 seating capacity . Takeaway and Delivery also available .

Order food online from Naasville Thaiger Restaurant! It's so easy to use, fast and convenient. Try our new, online website which contains our entire takeaway menu.

Naasville Thaiger Restaurant is located in Naas East, and is proud to serve the surrounding areas.

Our Takeaway serves some of the best Chinese food in noodles, soup, duck, curry dishes. You can now browse our website to see our wide range of authentic and traditional Chinese dishes that are available.

Our chefs are well known for their excellent Chinese cuisine, when it comes to food we are experts in choosing the color, aroma, flavor and taste. We believe food is not only taste but also a work of art for its aesthetic value.

Naasville Thaiger Restaurant